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You can count on Pyle Production Services to be your partner for all of your transportation needs. We provide quality equipment and service. We have a team of professional drivers and transportation staff with over 75 years of combined experience. We're not satisfied unless you're satisfied! Pyle Production Services offers superior service at reasonable rates. Estimates are always provided in advance. We're not satisfied unless you're satisfied!



Owner/Transportation Coordinator

Justin Clenard


Email: justin@pyleproductionservices.com


Born in California, Justin Clenard was raised around Teamsters so he has been around the transpo business since he was very young. Upon graduating high school, Justin fulfilled a lifelong dream and joined the Marine Corps completing multiple Combat Tours in Iraq and Afghanistan where he led hundreds of missions mounted in a vehicle squad. Resulting from injuries sustained in Afghanistan Justin was medically retired from the Marine Corps and began working in the film industry as a Transportation Coordinator and driver. Within a few short years, Justin has built the most successful transportation production service company in the state. Working on films and making them run smooth is a passion of Justin’s. 

Office Coordinator/ Driver

Mikaela Clenard

Email: mikaela@pyleproductionservices.com


Mikaela grew up in Page, Arizona guiding river and hiking trips around the Grand Canyon. She got into doing transpo a few years back and loves it. She can get you any picture car you need, from hot rods to junkers to luxury cars and more. Keeping an organized well running office is what she does. There is nothing she can't handle when it comes to transportation equipment. Mikaela has no problem getting her hands dirty to keep everything running smooth! 

Head of Security

Saige Clenard


Saige was born into this business and spent the first part of her life around a movie set! She keeps drivers in line and makes sure nobody messes with her equipment. She likes fast cars, big trucks, her dog, and empty cardboard boxes. She is looking forward to having her own walkie.

Teamster Wrangler

Sierra Clenard


Sierra loves riding in trucks, doing doughnuts in cop cars and mean mugging Teamsters. If you have a grumpy crew of drivers she will not let that agression stand! She will pull beards, act cute and make all of the drivers carry her around. There is no messing with this curly headed cutie! 

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